About the Book

Cheap Cabernet The Book CoverSome friendships survive beyond the final gruesome fight, some last beyond the grave. Cathie Beck had that kind of friendship with Denise Katz, an artist she met when she formed a women’s group in an attempt to alleviate her loneliness. She relates the roller coaster ride of their relationship in her memoir, Cheap Cabernet: A Friendship, with a heavy dose of wit and a wine glass full of poignant reflection. 

Cheap Cabernet: A Friendship is a vintage tale, a female buddy story chock full of the stuff of life: tears, laughter and love in the darkest of times. You won’t put it down until the final page, at which time a box of Kleenex and a glass of cabernet, cheap or otherwise, would be wise to have on hand: the first to deal with the story’s denouement, the second to toast Beck’s triumph.

Cheap Cabernet: A Friendship is beyond wonderful — it is wickedly funny, poignant, and smart. Mary Karr and Annie Lamott fans will find Cheap Cabernet: A Friendship laugh-out-loud hysterical — and heartbreaking.

“A wonderfully poignant memoir that will remind every woman to call her best friend right away.”
author of Beaches